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You like the Top50 ? You can help us ! I develop this system since 2011, first for my personal use, then for my friends, and finally to the public.
It allows me to see in a minute the photos that my followers liked the most on the year, and helps me to improve myself.
Then, opening to the public helps me to expand my "photographic world" to new horizon, by discovering new photographers.
So, the Top50 was born ! It is multi-usage, everybody uses it differently, and i'll continue to develop it.

It's a free service, and only ads helps to have money, so i decide to open donation for people who wants to support me,
and contribute to futurs evolutions of Top50. I have a lot of ideas, but i need time. Unfortunately, we can't live without money.
I spent a lot of hours and days to conceive this system, depending on the enthusiasm and my available time.

Amount is free, you give what you want, even 1€ !
If you want to participate, click here ›

Think to leave the address of your Top 50 that I'll add to the list of donors ;-)
As a donor, you will also benefit of new services before they are available to the public!

For those who can't of don't want, you can always share the Top50 (your Top, your Flop, or the Top of someone), it'll help the system to be known, and to grow up the community.

Thanks to everyone !

Here are the donors, that I especially want to thank for their support and generosity :
Some donors have not desired to be part of the list and are not displayed.

Total des dons : 112€
Nombre de donateur : 15
Merci à : Christian M., Sylvie Z., Olivier T., Didier P., Mylène N., Sébastien C., Gregory P.., Ronan F., Sylvie Z., Fabien L., Benoit L., Corinne R., Olivier T., Eric S., Laetitia G., ...