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How it works ?

The Top50 system is based on all your photos posted on Facebook, ONLY THIS YEAR (for now, 2018).
Every December of each year, registration will be open to every photographer in the world, so they can get their own Top50.
We don't keep any of your photos, everything is linked to your Facebook.

To do it, we need of course your authorization, when we ask you to login.
If you don't authorize access to your albums and pages, we can't generate your stats.
Then, you'll have the choice to enable or disable the three options that we offer : Top50, Flop50 and BestOf.

The principe is simple :
- Top50 : your 50 most liked photos of the year
- Flop50 : your 50 least liked photos of the year
- BestOf : your choice ! You select your favorites photos of the year. 5 photos or 100 photos.

For the Top50 and Flop50, you can disable photos of your ranking.
On Facebook, we don't post ONLY our work, and we can have duplicate photos too : so you can disable them easily !

The system is based on the number of likes of your photos to establish your ranking.

You can administrate all your pages for every years, with any Facebook account (need to be administrator of the pages, of course).
All deleted photo can be restore, and you can change your BestOf' selection at any moment.

If you have any question, you can contact us by clicking here !

Now, you can watch the following video to see how the management system is working:
Explanation about Facebook's permissions
If you are worried about your privacy, and the differents authorizations that we need to generate your Top50, this part is for you. So, yes, we ask for severals authorizations, and we get only a READ access so we can't edit anything on your Facebook account. We need to ask an approval for each permissions to Facebook, and it's not an easy part.

Here are the differents authorizations we ask :
- public_profile : the defaut authorization when you use a Facebook connection. We get only public information, available to anybody.
- email : we have an access to your email
- manage_pages : we can retrieve your Facebook pages (only a listing of them)
- user_photos : we can access to the photos of your profile
- user_posts : same as photos, but for the posts of your profile

We won't sell any of your informations, and you can delete them at any moment.
We only use theses permissions to list your photos of the year, and sort them by number of likes.
And more, we don't stock any of your photos. So if you delete a photo of your Facebook, we won't have any copy and they'll disappear from the web.
More informations about Facebook permissions : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions/v2.5